Residential complex “Abai Zholy”


The company “EL-QURYLYS INVEST” within the framework of the 175th anniversary of the great poet and world-class thinker Abai Kunanbayev, the pride of the Kazakh nation, the unique personality of the Great Steppe, began designing a complex of an apartment building and a business center “ABAY ZHOLY” at the intersection of Abai Avenue and  B. Beysekbaev street on the right bank of our capital, the city of Nur-Sultan.

Why is the name of the multi-storey residential complex called “Abai Zholy”?  Firstly, the project of the complex will be built along Abai Avenue.  Secondly, this is the code of being-consciousness of Kazakhs and a real residential complex that shows the style of our people.  Thirdly, in many cities of the world there are house complexes built in book form, and this is a respect for the book of academician-writer Mukhtar Auezov “Abai’s Way”.  Fourth, the “Abai Zholy” residential complex is the only and unique complex in Kazakhstan in the form of a book.  Fifthly, this complex can be taken as a great architectural monument to the national literature and culture of our Motherland.  In a word, the “Abai’s Way” complex will become a modern mega-project that will increase the love and interest of society in fiction.

In the complex of the business center, apartment building “Abai Zholy”, in addition to apartments, there will be objects representing our national culture, such as a business center, a national restaurant, a library, “House of Writers”.

 Your cozy apartment

The residential complex “ABAY ZHOLY” offers residents the most favorable living conditions: from an ergonomic 1-room apartment to a spacious 3-room apartment.  All apartments have spacious two-story windows and high ceilings with a wide balcony.

  •  1-room apartment: 39 m2
  •  2-room apartment: 69 m2
  •  3-room apartment: 94 m2
 Advantages of the residential complex “ABAY ZHOLY”

  • Ceiling height-3 m, on the first and last floors-3.3 m
  •  IP – intercom
  •  Electronic lock
  •  Duplex parking
  •  Preliminary finishing of apartments
  •  Closed courtyard
  •  24-hour video surveillance with a security room



Object readiness


Realized apartments


Commercial space sold


The park has been implemented. places




Modern residential complex

MRC “Abay Zholy” is located in a developed area of ​​the right bank with its modern architecture, green parks and boulevards, a wide range of entertainment. Our residential complex was built for modern people who are used to being in the very center of events.

Modern facade

  • Monolithic reinforced concrete frame
  • Metal-plastic windows with triple glazing and six-chamber profile
  • Aerated block walls
  • European made aluminum stained-glass windows
  • Ventilated facade