EL-QURYLYS INVEST operates in accordance with the environmental management standards system “Environmental management systems. Requirements and guidance for use” and strictly observes the legal norms and provisions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international legislation.

Among the objectives of the implementation of the environmental management system in EL-QURYLYS INVEST and its certification are the following:

Improving the environmental efficiency of the enterprise, expressed in the form of:

  • reducing the negative impact on the environment;
  • energy saving;
  • reducing the volume of waste generation and increasing the volume of waste processing;
  • reducing the negative impact on the natural environment through the introduction of modern technologies and production methods.
  • rational use of resources;
  • growth of professionalism and environmental education of the company’s employees;
  • development and use of resource-saving and “environmentally friendly” technologies.
  • Increasing the economic efficiency of the enterprise.