Residential complex “Shygys”


The draft design was made at the request of the customer and takes into account the requirements of the SNiP operating in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The climate in Astana is sharply continental, arid, with hot summers and cold winters.

The maximum annual precipitation occurs in June, with a minimum in February.

Clay soils, aggressive.

Asphalt-concrete driveways and platforms have been designed on the territory. Along the perimeter of the asphalt concrete pavement, it is planned to lay a curb from a side stone BR100.30.15.

When selecting tree and shrub species, the project took into account the climatic, soil and dendrological features of the area. The main structures of the extension are taken taking into account the existing base of the construction area, in accordance with the heat engineering calculation. Around the buildings, an asphalt blind area with a width of 1000 mm is installed on a crushed stone base.

  • Building Responsibility Level II
  • Fire resistance – II
  • Durability grade – II
  • MRC is adjacent to the main street.
  • Streets of local importance have been designed between the residential groups; main thoroughfares are provided within the residential groups.
  • There are playgrounds and recreation areas, as well as guest parking lots.
  • Greening of residential complexes from the side of the main entrance, lawns are broken, bushes are planted. The central paths are planted with low-growing shrubs; broad-leaved trees with a height of up to 3-4 meters are planted in the foreground and background.

The draft design of the MRC was made in full compliance with the current norms and rules that ensure environmental, sanitary and hygienic and fire safety, subject to the measures provided for by this project and complies with the requirements of CNiP RK.

  • Land area – 228833.7 m2
  • Building area – 88545.9 m2
  • Coverage area of ​​the residential complex – 90552.8 m2
  • Landscaping area of ​​the residential complex – 46163.3 m2



Object readiness


Realized apartments


Commercial space sold


The park has been implemented. places




The construction of the facility is nearing completion: “Multi-apartment residential complex with built-in premises at the address: Astana, left bank of the Esil river, st. Syganak.

Residential group 2B “. The residential complex is at the completion stage, facade work, interior decoration, improvement work is underway.

Customer: LLP  “Елорда құрылыс компаниясы”

Designer: LLP “ASI-PRO”

The projected residential complex is located on the street. Syganak, Astana.

The draft design was completed on the basis of the following documents:

  • extract from the resolution of the Akimat of Astana city No. 197-987p dated 06/18/2012.
  • architectural planning assignment No. 1579 dated 04/16/2010

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